Exit als Radikalisierung: Zur Radikalität rechtsextremer Rückzugsbewegungen

Maik Fielitz, Philip Wallmeier


Radicalization is usually understood as a process that leads individuals
or groups to reject a social order and to express this by using violence.
This narrow definition of radicalization, however, blocks from sight other
radicalized forms of resistance that do not participate in a competition
for attention: such as the withdrawal from society. While researchers
usually use the concept “exit” to denote the deradicalization of individuals,
we use it, in contrast, to denote a form of radicalization which rejects
even protest as a system-sustaining form of resistance. In order to show
the analytical leverage of our conceptualization, we scrutinize the Volkish
Settlers as a form of collective withdrawal and the Reichsbürger as a
form of individual withdrawal in the context of German far-right extremism.



DOI: https://doi.org/10.6094/behemoth.2019.12.2.1026