Der digitalkapitalistische Geist in der Schweiz: Muster normativer Orientierungen in einem Traditionsunternehmen und einem transnationalen Digitalunternehmen

Jacqueline Kalbermatter, Oliver Nachtwey, Johannes Truffer


This article discusses to what extent the legitimation of the economic actions
of pioneering actors in the Swiss digital economy is oriented towards solutionism.
In a first step, we propose an analytical framing of solutionism
that focuses on the actor’s perspective and its negotiations within the context
of nation-state. In a second step, we ask about the empirical manifestations
of solutionism in Switzerland based on semi-structured expert interviews.
Using the example of two large companies in the mobility sector, we argue
that a Swiss adaptation of solutionism can be identified, which differs according
to whether the company is state-affiliated or an international firm.
On the basis of the analysis of their corporate structure, entrepreneurial
strategies and normative orientations, we show that the traditional stateaffiliated
company represents a solutionism oriented towards the nationstate
and that the transnational enterprise, on the other hand, is oriented
towards a globally intended solutionism, which, however, relativizes its
peculiar anti-regulationism in the context of the Swiss economy.