Clash of Visions: Analysing Practices of Politicizing the Future

Alexandra Hausstein, Andreas Lösch


Clashes between visions of the future politicize the future of urgent societal
transformations. In the political economy, visions and their promises become
resources and their implementation turns into capacities that serve
to increase value. Our paper argues that visions as political-economic
means influence the transformation processes responding to grand challenges,
guide them in certain directions, promote or even hinder them. To
shed light on this correlation, we adopt the vision assessment approach of
technology assessment (TA), and substantiate and suggest modifications
of its analytical perspective to make it suitable for analysing interactions
between multiple visions as formative elements in societal transformations
on the one hand and as political-economic resources and capacities
on the other. Our hypothesis is that the relationship between visions, political
economies and transformation can only be examined by looking at
power constellations that change through clashes and interactions of multiple
and competing visionary practices.