‚Alle Sorge ist Sorge um das Gehäuse': Ko-Immunität, Vertical Farming und die Technopolitik geschlossener Umwelten

Leon Wolff


This article investigates the techno-politics of vertical farming in the field
of food security. Drawing on the works of Peter Sloterdijk, the article understands
the Vertical Farm as a technology of ecological care that aims to
contain the environmental side effects of agriculture while further increasing
food production. Instead of growing food outdoor in the field, technologies
such as hydroponics or LED lighting are being used to create artificial
ecosystems in closed environments and integrate them into the urban
spaces. The paper argues that the logic of ecological care enshrined in
the Vertical Farm follows a logic of co-immunization by drawing a strong
boundary between crop production spaces and the environment, thus preventing
uncontrolled material flows between them.



DOI: https://doi.org/10.6094/behemoth.2020.13.2.1046