„Wie ist Geschichte a priori möglich?“ Algorithmische Vorhersage und die Aufgabe der Kritik

Lotte Warnsholdt


The term of critique is deeply embedded in the history of modernity. However,
it seems that the current media technologies of algorithmic prediction
transcend the temporal semantics of modernity and its forms of subjectivation.
What does this mean for critique and the critical subject? Is critique
still possible when (future) events are not only predicted but also captured
and modified? This article takes up these questions by addressing Shoshana
Zuboff’s analysis of surveillance capitalism and Antoinette Rouvroy’s notion
of algorithmic governmentality. Additionally, the article takes the historical
framework of the project of critique and its forms of subjectivation
into consideration to finally evaluate the question whether it is possible to
think beyond history with the help of history.



DOI: https://doi.org/10.6094/behemoth.2021.14.2.1056