Warum Ethikstandards nicht alles sind. Zu den herrschaftskonservierenden Effekten aktueller Digitalisierungskritik

Bianca Prietl


This article deals with AI ethic guidelines and standards as the currently
dominant form in which society articulates critique of digital data technologies
and searches for solutions for the respective upheavals. Based on
a discourse-analytical reflection, it is argued that the premises underpinning
the societal critique of digitalization have several conceptual limitations
– especially when it comes to understanding and questioning social
relations of power and the role that digital data technologies play in their
reproduction. Against this backdrop, the currently dominant form of societal
critique of digitalization is described as essentially preserving power
relations. Therefore, it is pleaded for strengthening rationality- and
power-critical perspectives in the debates on digitalization and its challenges.



DOI: https://doi.org/10.6094/behemoth.2021.14.2.1057