Die Beweglichkeit der Kritik. Zur Wechselbeziehung von Kontextualisierung und Objektivierung im digitalen Zeitalter

Christoph Haker, Lukas Otterspeer


Given that digitisation and datafication go hand in hand with post-truth
phenomena and claims to neutrality, we plead for an agility of critique.
The problems of post-truth phenomena and claims to neutrality are that
they are associated with relativistic and technocratic tendencies. These
tendencies require an agility of critique that contrasts post-truth phenomena
with a movement from contextualisation to objectivation and the
claimed neutrality with a movement from objectivation to contextualisation.
However, such agility of critique faces significant challenges: Conceptually,
this agility is accused of being relativistic itself, and from a
scientific-historical perspective, objectivation and contextualisation are
regarded as incompatible forms of reflection. The goal of our contribution
is therefore a rehabilitation of the agility of critique, which we theoretically
substantiate with Bourdieu’s participant objectivation and the concept of
the divided habitus.



DOI: https://doi.org/10.6094/behemoth.2021.14.2.1058