Riskante Migrant*innen und schützenswerte Bürger*innen: Die Transformation der Sicherheit in der Konjunktur von Pandemie und Protest

Jin Haritaworn


This abstract examines abolitionist strategies of COVID safety that present
alternatives to the logics of racial profiling and risk management that are
at the basis of the state’s COVID regulations. As in previous crises, queer,
antiracist and other self-organized movements are leading the transformation
of safety and the development of new societal visions. This article is
grounded in interviews with activists in Berlin that critique a necropolitical
COVID policy which treats Black people, migrants and people of colour
as infectious rulebreakers – as risks rather than risk groups. This is
explored with regard to three media and political debates: the so-called taboo
regarding the high number of migrant COVID patients on German
ICUs, the vaccination campaign in the so-called hotspots, and the protests
against anti-Black racism and to commemorate the victims of the racist
mass murder in Hanau (Hesse), which politicians and journalists declared
to be superspreader events. Nevertheless, it is on the conjuncture of pandemic
and protest that new possibilities of care and of collectivity are
arising that open up worlds beyond racial capitalism.



DOI: https://doi.org/10.6094/behemoth.2021.14.3.1066