Medialität und Divergenz: Zu einigen neomaterialistischen und dekolonialen Konzepten des NichtGemeinsamen

Stephan Trinkaus


In this paper, questions of mediality will be thought through figures / concepts / strategies of neo-materialist, decolonial and STS approaches: Connection and disconnection, mediation and interruption, commonality and difference – mediality and divergence, seem to be concepts that are mutually exclusive. Feminist science and technology studies, new queer-feminist materialism, as well as decolonial critiques of the universalist epistemologies and ontologies of European modernity offer possibilities to intertwine these concepts in other, that is, non-binary ways. It is these different yet interfering concepts, their figures (or conceptual personae) of divergence, diffraction, and uncommons, that this paper attempts to follow. It is not about the divergence of the media themselves, that is, to a certain extent, about media divergence instead of media convergence, not about how different media relate to each other, but rather about the medial enabling of divergent practices, divergent worlds. Divergence is a formulation for the simultaneity of reference and difference, a multidirectional or nonlinear processuality.