"Exile" as a Theologico-Political Principle in Leo Strauss’s Jewish Thought

Martin D. Yaffe


I consider the recent attempt by Professor Eugene Sheppard to follow the development of Strauss’s thought within the parameters of Strauss’s biographical circumstance as a German-Jewish "exile." I sketch Sheppard’s approach to Strauss in a preliminary way so as to bring out something of its historicist character. After that, I test the soundness of Sheppard’s approach by looking at a statement of Strauss’s on "exile" which is found in his most autobiographical writing. My purpose in doing so is to discover whether Strauss’s statement when understood in its own terms warrants being placed within Sheppard’s historicist parameters.



DOI: https://doi.org/10.6094/behemoth.2008.1.2.742