Die Geschichte des Kommenden. Zur Historizität der Zukunft im Anschluss an Luhmann und Foucault

Matthias Leanza


The History of What is to Come, On the Historicity of the This article raises the question: to what extent does future itself have a history? In reviewing the theories of Niklas Luhmann and Michel Foucault, modal time (past, present, future) will be deontologized and attributed to the operations of an observer. Luhmann’s discussion of Edmund Husserl’s Phenomenology of Inner Time onsciousness and Michel Foucault’s critical appraisal of Immanuel Kant’s Transcendental Idealism provide arguments for a temporalization of time. Hence the historical semantics and political technologies involved in the construction of future horizons become of major interest.


Soziologie der Zeit; Geschichte der Zukunft; Modale Zeit; Zukunftskonstruktionen



DOI: https://doi.org/10.6094/behemoth.2011.4.2.761