Die Zukunft der Dinge. Imaginationen von Unfall und Sicherheit

Eva Horn


This article examines cultural imaginings of the accident, understood as aesthetic forms of coping with both the accident’s structural imperceptibility and the impossibility of its representation. By distinguishing between the normal and statistically expected accident on the one hand, and the absolutely improbable accident on the other, this paper discusses the way in which causal relations and their latency can be observed and reconstructed through different narrative structures. While the improbable accident seems to invoke animist notions of the ticklish object, the blurred relations of causality extend to the future and enact new concepts of security such as the ‘precautionary principle’.


Unfall; Precautionary Principle; Erzählung; Latenz



DOI: https://doi.org/10.6094/behemoth.2011.4.2.762