Das Dunkle ist mehr als die Abwesenheit von Licht: zum Eigensinn des Anormalen

Natascha Adamowsky


This article deals with theoretical concepts that focus on the aesthetic and medial obstinacy of abnormal objects and phenomena and search for descriptions of a more complex and sophisticated relation between “the order and its Other” beyond traditional binary thought patterns. Starting point is the observation of the cultural diversity of aesthetic appearances, semantics and media processes concerning anomalies. This diversity gives reason to believe that the abnormal can not only be described as a result of normalizing power that has left its indelible mark on modernity. Moreover, there is the unsuspended cultural endeavour to measure, catch, communicate or exceed experiences of abnormality and thereby to satisfy human boundaries aesthetically. Against the backdrop of these observations, the article assumes that through this endeavour obstinacy articulates itself, presenting abnormality as an independent historical as well as epistemological potential taking shape aesthetically and medially in different ways. The idea is that the abnormal as the zone of the other maintains a very special relationship with the media as well as with the aesthetic order.



DOI: https://doi.org/10.6094/behemoth.2014.7.1.773