Heart of Darkness. Über das katastrophische Imaginäre des Blackouts

Lars Koch


The article is concerned with pop-cultural imaginations of wide-spread power failures and asks which political, ethical and aesthetic implications can be carved out from them. The imagination of the blackout, so the argument, can be read as a pop-cultural examination of the complexity of the high-tech world. The respective narrative actualizations of this paradigmatic disruptive incident of networked societies react to real events, historically varying discursive constellations and affective engagements with the future. With these qualities, the blackout can be regarded as a crucial element of societies sense of danger since the 1970s, and its analysis allows drawing conclusions about the prevalent orders of the visible, expressible and representable at a particular point in time.



DOI: https://doi.org/10.6094/behemoth.2016.9.1.891